So what exactly is a cave? 
Definition- A part of the underground that had formed naturally. They are big enough for even people to be able to walk in them.
external image Mt%20Diablo%20caves.preview.jpg

Facts you may not know about caves:
1. They can take place by seas, grottos, and rock shelters.
2. They are also called a cavern.
3. Speleology is the study of caves.
4. When people are exploring a cave for scientific reasons it is called spelunking.
5. Sea caves can be chipped away by the waves of the sea.
6. Back in prehistoric times caves left a shelter for the men in the wild.
7. They supplied a known canvas that cavemen used for drawing their life symbols.
8. Rituals used to be performed where they believed that caves led to an underworld.
9. They were used for an imitation of a refrigerator for the pioneer times.

Descriptions about caves-
  • They start out as a big hole when the water leaks in a starts eroding the rock, and then after that process has taken place they start forming more rooms, and of bigger size.
  • Stalactites are what forms in the caves from water dripping down from the top.
  • Stalagmites are what form from the water forming on the ground, and they for an icicle shape from the ground.
A stalacite in the cave Siberts.

Stalagmites in the Siberterts Cave as well.

What kind of animals dwell in caves
  1. Bats
  • They use the Caves to find shelter.
  • They also use caves to venture in and find food.
A Bat hanging in a cave.
2. Racoons
  • They walk into the entering of caves to find food.
  • They will dwell in caves when they are in need of shelter.

3. Daddy Longlegs
  • They can sometimes live in caves, and depend on it to survive.

A Daddy Longleg.

4. Salamanders
  • They are known to live in caves and dwell on the resources inside of it.
A Salamander.