How many different kinds of caves are there?
  • There are many different kinds of caves in the world that have been discovered over time.

The main ones include...

1. Solutional Caves
  • Solutional Caves consist of rock. These types of rocks are limestone, chalk, marble, and gypsum.

A solutional cave.
A solutional cave.

2. Primary Caves

  • Primary Caves are formed at the same time as surrounding rock. They are made from the lava that flows into the ground. This lava is really hot, and did not stop and cool down like the other lava. From here it flows into the lava tubes and into the area where the cave is made.

A lava tube in Mt. Saint Helen's.

3. Sea Caves

  • Also called a Litoral Cave
  • They can be found along the coasts of the seas.
  • In size they are generally 5-30 meters in size, but can grow to be 300.

A sea cave located in Maui Sea
4. Corrasional or erosional caves

  • They are formed by complete erosion.
  • Active streams and river flow through this type of cave.
A corrasional Cave in Santa Cruz Island.
5. Glacier Caves

  • They form from melting, and take place from melting occuring in areas of the arctic.
  • Sometimes called Ice Caves.
A Glacier Cave in Jostedalsbreen which is in the country Norway.
6. Fracture Caves

  • Forms from layer of more soluble minerals (such as gypsum
  • They dissolve from layers of less soluble rock.

A Fracture Cave in Brazil.

7. Talus Cave
  • They are the caves that are the opening between rocks in a down pile.
  • Often located on cliffs.

A Talus Cave in the United States.

8. Anchihaline cave
  • They form is sea water.
  • Mainly a coastal forming cave.

A Anchihaline cave in California.

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